Created at the end of ’70 by Raul and Reclus Gozzi Bros., the first one known for its specialization in pantography and elettrophoresis and the second specialized in autogenous welding in the specific field of pipages in thin extra special steel, the firm has then specialized in the bicycles chassis assemblage for sport and race use, with RAULER mark.

One or both brothers worked for Colnago before starting up the Rauler marquee. It is unsure just what the relationship with Ernesto was, but what is known that the name Rauler is from Raul and the first two letters of Ernesto, hence Rauler. Rauler became one of the top contract builders for Colnago and did much of the pantographing for them as well.

The company was born and it is still a handicraft level firm, very well known also in foreign countries, with a lot of important European customers. It has had the chance to supply racing bicycles to some amateur teams as ” SMEG ” and ” GIACOBAZZI “, this last has made a name for itself with runners that subsequently have been absorbed from professional teams. Between the many victories achieved, deserves mention the 100 km. to the Olympic Games of Los Angeles (USA) in year 1984.”

frame: rauler
rims: mavic open 4 cd
hubs: vintage miche primato
crankset: campagnolo record pista
pedals: campagnolo track
tires: vittoria roma 22
stem: 3ttt pista
handlebar: 3ttt pista
bartape: plastiche cassano
headset: campagnolo
saddle:  concor supercorsa

3 thoughts on “RAULER PISTA

  1. thanks marc, the frame is in excellent condition and riding it is a real pleasure.

  2. i have inherited a 1981 blue rauler campagnola special in mint condition, all original, race reeady. any idea of it’s value?

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